What Fruition Means


To bring about. To materialize or come into existence. To become mature and to see something through.

To bear fruit.

Let's not just talk about why the arts should be in our churches. Live it out! The visual arts and writing are thriving in local churches around the world, bringing beauty and love together in Jesus' name.

Jessie Nilo has been practicing art ministry since 2004. She loves teaching and sharing what she's learned so far.

Love God and People through Art

You can deepen your own art and faith in a healthy art community. You can encourage the people around you to connect with their God-given creativity, or befriend an artist who needs a spiritual mentor. The arts are so powerful because God's essence is beauty.

Art ministry is a teachable skill. That's why this art ministry school exists.

What is Art Ministry?

Mini-stry is doing small things to show God's love. Art ministry is loving people through the arts.

Maybe it's hosting a writers' group or facilitating a dance class. Maybe it's hand-shaping some clay in order to heal an emotional wound. Or maybe it's dwelling on scripture and creating symbol and texture for others to touch and contemplate.

The world has changed. Culture is visual. Writing, poetry, and visual art matter to the public. Art can astonish, edify, inspire, and illuminate truth. Beauty can draw people to Christ, who saves the world.

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Art Fruition teaches inclusiveness with excellence

We focus on Jesus, and He invites everyone. And the more we intentionally create, the more we become better in our creating.

Hundreds of non-artistic folks have bloomed through our proven methods. Our students use words like empower, equip, challenge, grow, and heal to describe what our courses have done for them. Phrases we hear over and over are This school has opened my eyes and My life is forever changed. And the number of transformed lives is growing.

Where Two or Three are Gathered

Your church might consist of a few people who meet in a coffee shop, or it might look like 700 people who worship in a building. Regardless of the structure or size of gatherings, people are the church. But most churches have a big, gaping hole where their artists should be. We can all learn how to love and welcome artists into this family a little better.

Art Fruition's mission is to help churches grow artists, and to help artists fall in love with the local church.