An Encouraging Word

What a fantastic idea my friend had! Our church’s most recent art exhibit was a special show by artists under 25 years old. The exhibit was called “Cultivation Generation,” the subject being the future of our faith… the newest generation of believers. During the art exhibit, a friend of mine […]

Cell Phones and Sun-Dogs

I was enjoying Open Studio in the late afternoon with several friends. Golden sunlight flooded in through the windows, saturating our art tables as we worked. I could have moved to a different table with no direct sunlight, but the glow was too lovely to leave. My cell phone rang. […]

Worth Sharing

My ideas seem so dull and so obvious to me– they don’t really seem worth sharing– but it never fails: Whenever I share those same ideas with another artist, sparks fly, tears flow, ideas are born, and God is glorified. Why is that? Do you know that the greatest danger […]