Q. What denomination or type of church is Art Fruition for?

Art Fruition is for anyone who wants to explore the Christian faith while growing in Christ through the arts. We unabashedly worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and the originator of all creativity, while firmly upholding the unity Jesus prayed for all His future disciples in John chapter 17. Art Fruition is for Christ-seekers and brand new Christians, as well as seasoned believers. We’re excited to learn from a wide variety of Christ-following traditions, expressions, and backgrounds from around the world.

Q. What if I don’t go to a big church? Or what if I don’t attend any church?

God’s church is wherever two or more believers gather in the name of Jesus Christ.
It’s found in living rooms and art studios all over the world. It’s down at the soup kitchen. It’s inside the megachurch, under the high arches of cathedrals, and in the little country church in the woods. It’s two people at a downtown cafe, discussing art and Jesus. It’s at youth camps and mission trips overseas. It’s in hospital rooms and senior centers. Where his people are, there is God’s church. It’s not a building– it’s people.

Q. What level of artist do I need to be?

See our blog article herefor a detailed answer to this important question. The short answer: Are you teachable? Willing to try new things in visual art? If so, you’re a great fit! Absolute beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists are welcome in Foundations of Art Ministry. Our beginner art students learn the basics of visual art and writing in an environment of safety an encouragement, while learning to appreciate many different forms of art and relating deeply with other artists. Our experienced artists are challenged to practice and integrate ministry and art in new ways, growing deeper in their faith while encouraging fellow students who may be new to art. Students share their artistic and spiritual progress and challenges with one another while cheering each other on.

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