Love God and People through Art.   

Art Fruition grows art ministers, helping them produce fruit through their art and their life. We dive into the senses, to "taste and see that the Lord is good."

We don't just wax eloquent about possibilities. We live it out by expressing our art in specific local churches, in communities that make us better. We thrive, bringing beauty, healing, and the love of a merciful God for a broken world.

Love God and People through Art

Art Fruition's mission is teaching churches how to love their artists, and helping artists to grow artistically and spiritually in small, authentic, safe communities.

You can teach the people around you to celebrate their God-given creativity. You can befriend an artist who needs a spiritual mentor. You can collaborate with artists to transform your city. Yes, you.

The Lord has designed specific things for you to create in partnership with him. Only God can show you what those things are. But we can teach you how to listen for his leading. And God cares about beauty, because he is Creator; his very essence is beauty.

Art ministry is a beautiful, teachable skill. That's why this art ministry school exists.

What is Art Ministry?

"Mini"- stry is simply doing small things to show God's love. Art ministry is loving people through the arts.

Maybe it's hosting a writers' group or facilitating a dance class. Maybe it's hand-shaping some clay to heal an emotional wound. Or maybe it's creating something based on scripture for people to touch and contemplate.

Our world is more visual today than ever before. Writing, poetry, and visual art matter to the public. We've seen the arts at work: they astonish, edify, inspire, illuminate truth, draw people to question, to seek, and to discover Christ, who saves the world.

We've seen it firsthand.

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We are not elitist. Hundreds of non-artists and beginners have discovered their own creativity through our proven methods.

We also don't peg people by what church you do or don't attend. Whether you come from a large church or meet in a coffee shop, most churches have a big, gaping hole where their artists should be. We just focus on Christ, on beauty, on what we have in common.

So, Church: Let's decide to love and welcome artists into our family a little better. You can help us do that by taking our Foundations of Art Ministry Course.