He Loved Through Art: Esau ‘Mark’ Kessler

I want to tell you about a longtime VineArts leader who now inhabits heaven. His name is Mark Kessler, also known as Esau. In my last post I wrote how Mark’s early departure has deepened my understanding of this limited time that we have to create. Today I want to tell you about the heart of this man, and how […]

Suffer the Little Children

I really love the word invite. That’s what Jesus does. After church today we held our once-a-month gathering for VineArts leaders and their families. We all enjoyed a spaghetti lunch, then I took the studio floor and gave a couple of invitations. First I invited the Holy Spirit to manifest […]

Envision This

Last Wednesday an artist painted on my life, and on the lives of 45 others. Dean Estes spoke at our “Envision” gathering on being a whole, unfragmented artist; he says we are all ministers who can speak life into those around us. He invited photographer Chad Estes and art missionary […]

A Most Childlike and Colorful Day

Today the VineArts gang did something awesome: With no plan in place, together we painted our roll-up garage door in front of the studio! (Well, that’s partly right…. The door isn’t actually operational, as there is insulation and drywall on the interior side; we wish it was still a functional […]