Art Ministry Course

Now entering our third year, we have seen life-changing artistic and spiritual growth and enormous breakthroughs in our students’ lives.

Whether you’re currently serving in art ministry, or would like to someday serve through the arts in the name of Christ, we’re here to tell you — You can do this! Learn to cultivate communities of artists either inside or outside of the church while being equipped as a leader, servant, and growing practitioner in the arts through our groundbreaking art ministry course, Foundations of Art Ministry.

To Apply:

Click here to apply for the Self-Paced Course which opens on September 5, 2017. Just $90/month… Apply anytime. Risk free: unsubscribe anytime!


We train, equip, and empower people for art ministry by teaching the core essentials of visual art, writing, and ministry, and provide exposure to multiple expressions of art, including the performing arts. We teach inclusiveness with excellence, referencing hundreds of real-life examples of how to lift people through the arts in the name of Christ. Our goal is to help students effectively love and serve the people around them through the arts, whether inside or outside of the church.

Our course features opportunities to locally practice what you’re learning. Our easy-to-use learning platform will allow you to stay home and apply what you’re learning in your own creative community, wherever you’re located in the world. Students practice the foundations of visual art through a theological lens and explore ways of ministering through art, then look for connections with other creatively-inclined people to go deeper into beauty and the grace of Christ through study, prayer, community, and continuing education in both art and discipleship. Our video-based instruction is taught by seasoned art ministers and faculty, and our students actively encourage one another in conversations throughout the course.

Course Content

  • Bridging the Gap Between Artists
  • The Role of Beauty and Transcendence
  • Conversations in Jazz: The Art of Listening
  • Fostering Artistic Communities
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Poetry and Metaphor in Writing
  • Drawing and Communication: Speaking Life
  • How to Minister to the Amateur Artist
  • Getting Unstuck in Your Own Creativity
  • Photography: Intro to Elements of Design (required: a camera phone, digital camera, or film camera)
  • How to Minister to the Emerging Artist
  • Writing as Ministry
  • Artistic Growth through Practice and Critique
  • Color Wheel Theory
  • Scripture and the Imagination
  • How to Minister to the Professional Working Artist
  • Creativity and Being Attuned to God
  • Art and Education
  • Theology and the Arts
  • Loving Your City through Art
  • How to Serve Artists who Work in More Disciplines Than You’ve Ever Heard Of
  • Loving the Nations


• Risk Free: Cancel your subscription anytime!
• Online video course with high levels of student interaction and response
• Ecumenical approach with multi-disciplinary artistic exposure
• For ages 16+
• Completion time is 8 months for the Weekly Release version; the Self-Paced version has no minimum or maximum time constraint
• Student time commitment: 4 hours per week for Weekly Release, or at your own pace for Self-Paced Version


Self-Paced Version: Join Anytime

$90/month (plus $35 for your Foundations of Art Ministry workbook) 

Complete the Foundations Course at your own pace. We highly recommend you invite 3-5 people you know to go through this self-paced course with you, aligning your schedules so you can process the course content together.

• The Self-Paced version features just as much content and the same assignments as the Weekly Release version, including lively class discussions and interactions with each other’s coursework.
• All students accepted for the Self-Paced version will be grouped into one large class, and you will go through the entire course at your own pace. You will be interacting with people from all over the world!
• The Self-Paced version does not feature due dates and you will not be sent assignment reminders.
• To be accepted into the course, students are evaluated on having trustworthy, humble, encouraging interactions with fellow classmates. People who do not follow our interaction guidelines will be removed from the course.
• Automatically-graded quizzes are built into the material at occasional intervals, ensuring student understanding of concepts.
• Students achieving 90% or higher completion will become certified in Foundations of Art Ministry. 


Students completing 90% or more of the course material are awarded Certification in Foundations of Art Ministry. 

• Alumni who complete Foundations of Art Ministry receive access to all course content after completion for just $5 per month, for as long as alumni wish to subscribe.
• Alumni receive a signed physical certificate in the mail upon completion of the course and are welcome to request written leadership recommendations for future volunteer or employment applications.
• Alumni who become certified in Foundations of Art Ministry will also be able to take advanced courses in art ministry as new courses are released. Future offerings will be vocation-specific classes and specialized tracks in Art Leadership, Art Outreach, Art Education, Church Edification through the Arts, and Professional Practices in Art.

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