Introducing a New Art Ministry School

First, a Short Video…

Here’s a peek into our art ministry (art family!) which summarizes what we do pretty well. Watch this 700 Club video feature about VineArts, which has been ministering through visual art since 2004.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 4.30.02 PM

This was filmed in the fall of 2014. CBN headquarters heard of us and wanted to come check out our art ministry and studio in Boise. Our interviewer even made a painting as we chatted!

A Booth on the Sidewalk

For a long time, hundreds of people have called and emailed me, asking how they can minister through the visual arts. I was overwhelmed, trying to respond to inquiries one by one. The really frustrating part was that I felt like a teacher whose desk is on a sidewalk, fielding questions from strangers at random times on a million different topics. Not the ideal learning environment.

So the solution, I thought, would be to start a school. I’ve yearned for this since 2012, but it’s been slow going. I’ve wondered if this thing would ever come to fruition.

Well, it has. We’ve:

• created a 24-Lesson curriculum of fine art and spiritual ministry,

• formed a small corporation, and

• formulated videos that feature spiritually mature art instructors who are excited to serve as faculty.


We’ve always wanted to keep our tuition accessible, because after all, most art ministers are volunteers. And we’ve achieved that mission. At just $40/month, you can sign up for an experience that is both high-quality and spiritually deep.

Another really cool element of this is that our students are trained right where they are, all over the world, without them having to move to Boise, thanks to our school being online. We have deep discussions with students via writing, journaling, artwork, photos, and even videos, sharing our faith and our artwork as we study and serve together. We apply the teachings of Christ along with the instruction of mature working artists, with the goal of loving the worldwide and local Church and letting it be a more glorious light reflecting Jesus in this world.

Ready for More Than Talk?

If you’re a Christian visual artist or pre-artist* who desires to love people through creating art, consider applying. We’d love to have you.

For the past couple of decades the Church has been theorizing about “why” the church needs art. It’s time for “how” — how to get our hands dirty; how to grow and harvest a wealth of applications in fine art which have been planted before us. We will certainly learn more and branch out as we go. This is just the beginning.

Our name Art Fruition signifies it’s time to move beyond talking, to start engaging the artists of the Church, doing the Lord’s will creatively here on earth. It’s time to see, touch, smell, and taste beauty and the fruits of the Spirit through visual art.

Read more about the online Art Fruition school here!

If you have questions, please contact me. I would love to tell you more.

* pre-artist: One who enjoys experiencing other people’s art and wants to learn artmaking for themselves; prior art experience not required, only a willingness to try new things.