A Great New Ebook from Kent Sanders

I just listened to the most incredible free audio book written specifically for artists of faith, and it’s only ten minutes long. This manifesto written by Kent Sanders fills my spirit with pure joy and anticipation. Thank you Dave for posting!

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3 thoughts on “A Great New Ebook from Kent Sanders

  1. Jessie, thanks so much for posting this. I’m so glad you liked it, especially the audio version. I’ve only had time to read through a couple of your posts here, but this is a fantastic site! I love your writing and your view on the church and the arts. You are doing some really cool stuff!

    1. Thanks so much, Kent! No kidding, the Spirit really filled me while I was listening to your message. Absolutely perfect timing for this journey I’m on. Maybe we’ll meet at some art event one of these days. šŸ™‚
      Thanks so much for sharing your story and this message of faith and truth.