Make It Yours

The other morning my husband Dom woke up and told me something profound.

We had gone out the evening before and soaked up a night of jazz in a local club. He and I had witnessed some young musicians who played their hearts out in such a compelling manner that Dom (an athlete and not a musician) was still dwelling on the experience the following morning. Here are his words about art:


“In art, you have to make it yours.

“Don’t think of the structure of your particular discipline as something that holds you back or limits you. The immovable becomes something to be transcended.

“When I’m playing volleyball, the floor becomes like water because of my knowledge of how to dive; the floor becomes part of my flow and part of the movement of the game. A gymnast flows around and through the hardness of unyielding equipment, producing an increase of gracefulness, strength and beauty.

“A true musician is not just playing notes written on staff lines; whenever I watch a great musician, I always imagine that person is circling around and through the notes, looping and swinging on those notes like vines through a jungle. An artist drawing in a sketchbook is making lines that play and flow, and their ink being permanent doesn’t stop them; their lines don’t convey hesitancy or fear. It’s just the opposite: The lines’ boldness and imagination takes you far beyond a piece of paper and ink.

“In art, you just have to dive in and make it yours, all of it. That’s when the audience sees the art for what it is. It makes the rest of us want to enter the experience along with the artist.”

–Dominic Nilo

Well said.

3 thoughts on “Make It Yours

  1. I’m still chewing on this, and it’s making me realize something very important: The only way for people like Dom to enter into art is if SOMEONE ELSE is bold enough to enter into their own art first. So if you are an artist: Dive deep and get INTO it!