An Encouraging Word

What a fantastic idea my friend had!

Our church’s most recent art exhibit was a special show by artists under 25 years old. The exhibit was called “Cultivation Generation,” the subject being the future of our faith… the newest generation of believers.

During the art exhibit, a friend of mine suggested leaving a basket with notepads in the gallery, asking viewers to leave “a note of encouragement” behind for individual artists.

One of the paintings on display in the Cultivation exhibit.

I’m so grateful to Debbie for her wonderful idea. At the end of our 2-month exhibit, we had over 40 hand-written notes! I typed out their messages below, and I’m also sending the notes to the kids themselves.

Jordan creating a sunrise scene for the Cultivation Generation exhibit.

My prayer is that the following messages will encourage you in your own artistic journey. After all, every one of us, regardless of age, needs to keep learning and trying new things until the day we die.

As Pablo Picasso said: “All children are born artists. The problem is to remain artists as we grow up.”

And so, one more thing.

If, when you were young, the budding artist in you was damaged or discouraged by a negative comment, then please read these messages… and insert your own name.

Blessings to you.


A lone artist at a Cultivation art table

Kira, I love the whales you painted; they are beautiful!

Jordan, the depth of the dark is clear in your art. I noticed the “you” with your arms raised up. Looking forward to more of “you” as only the rising sun can show!

To Jeya and Karis: What beautiful artwork you two have made! The most wonderful thing about it is that you made it together. God has really blessed you both by giving each of you an eternal friend: your sister. I’m so excited to see what amazing things God has in store for you both. Love you both!

Lorilie, that’s amazing! I love it!

Carrie, I understand the same truth and lies! What I hear is who I am listening to … and also echos/tapes from the past. Stay present and listening to Christ. It’s what we can do today, over and over.

Lucas, Your hawk is awesome. Great picture, keep it up!

Kira begins work on her whale painting.

Kira, I love your whales. Superb!

Franklynn, your picture is beautiful and your artist statement is encouraging. Also, you played the piano wonderfully at the art reception!

Alicia, your clouds are insanely fantastic!

Sophia: There are many ways God shows his love for you and me. Thank you for reminding me to include sunshine and rain.

M.J., very fun! Will there be stories about these colored characters? I hope so!

Kayla – The dandelion painting really spoke out a vision that I was seeing for so long! Thank you! God really does work in amazing ways. I am encouraged by you.

Emily, I love your artwork. It is beautiful! It’s my favorite. (Note from Jessie: Emily is a fantastic photographer at only 3 years old!)

Lucas: God has given you a natural talent. There is so much beauty in the world that God has made and you have certainly captured it. Keep it up!

Macee, you did a good job!

Alyee working on "Dancers in Darkness" during worship

Alyee, your art leaves me speechless. As a dancer and fellow creative, the grace and beauty your art demonstrates is truly God-given. Be blessed as you heal.

Matthew: Balloons are so wonderful! They keep me looking up to Jesus.

Frank, you are so loved by so many. Your photo is beautiful, but your heart is amazing. I am honored to be able to begin to know you.

Dear Frank, I love your passion! I love your passion for Jesus and for SHARING Jesus! Love yourself as much as you love Jesus. You are BEAUTIFUL!

To Laura: I love the huge paper art! Keep exploring shapes, colors, and folding. There’s some amazing stuff out there and you are becoming part of it. Look at for some leads on other origami and craft websites.


And the following feedback was written for ALL of the artists:

What a blessing to see all the wonderful artwork. God has created many artists, and for them to use their talents to glorify him is a blessing to all.

A table full of artists, creating.

You GO, Cultivation Generation ARTISTS!

I love your amazing talent, all of you! I am a 35-year-old woman; you inspire me to be a better person and to share what I have. Thank you for putting your time and your love into this exhibit.

The power of change through God’s touch resides in your hands, through colors, shapes, and heart. His Word will NOT return void. ROCK ON and rock the world with his truth!

You all did great! Everything is awesome!

I love all the artwork; it is unbelievable what these little ones can do, and the older ones, too!

I like it; it is ALL my favorite.

So creative! I love it all!

Dear artists: I think your pictures are really beautiful. You guys should be really, really proud.

You all did a great job of expressing your love of God. Thank you; bless you.

These people did a phenomenal job in their art!

The beauty you all have created SO reflects the heart and love of our Lord. God bless you big! Keep up the good praise!

Thank you. Very inspiring to me.

You are all so creative!

Sometimes pictures speak a thousand words, and sometimes art speaks spiritually. All of this art speaks of great words about our God… What else is left to say: God bless you all!

For any artist, and for all these artists: Your work is so awesome and fantastic! I hope you keep on going with all your work!

You all have a gift. Your artwork will be remembered forever.


Click here to learn about the Cultivation Generation Conference 2012, for youth ages 12-25. The conference includes deep worship, prayer, outreach, prophetic art workshops, and much more… coming to Idaho and Maine in 2012.

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